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Small Footprint Complete Protection High Efficiency Quick Release Bracket Independant Certification True Forced Air Heating 20Ft Marine-Rated Power Cord Automatic Thermostat Worry-Free Operation

Small Footprint

Installation is made easy in almost any size or type of boat with the small size of the Xtreme Heater - even in tight engine compartments.

View the Xtreme Heater in various engine compartments and boat applications.

Complete Protection

Fully anodized inside and out for superior protection from the harsh marine environment.

View our Testimonials and see the success our clients have had with the Xtreme Heater

High Efficiency

Our Heater produces heat faster, circulates more air and shuts off earlier. Less run-time means less money out of your pocket.

Quick Release Bracket

Our quick release bracket increases options for mounting in tight engine spaces.

The Quick Release Bracket makes installation and removal of the Xtreme Heater a fast and easy process - read more.

Independant Certification

Certified and tested independently to meet the most stringent marine standards.

Read about the Xtreme Certification and Testing Process

True Forced Air Heating

True forced air heating circulates air more effectively, heats more evenly for more accurate climate control.

Read about Positive Temperature Coefficient(PTC) Technical

20Ft Marine-Rated Power Cord

Pre-wired 20ft marine-rated power cord with 110V 3-prong plug eases installation.

Automatic Thermostat

Factory calibrated automatic thermostat turns heater on and off wth the tightest tolerance on any bilge heater on the market.

View our Technical Specifications and Details

Worry-Free Operation

An LED power light indicates when the system has power.