Specifications and Technical Information

Key Features of the Xtreme Heater:


true forced air

True Forced Air Heating circulates air more effectively and heats more evenly for more accurate climate control.  Other “radiator” style heaters rely on convection, leaving cold areas in the engine compartment.  Forced air assures a more accurate and consistent temperature in the entire engine compartment.

automatic thermostat

Automatic Thermostat turns the heater on at 40°F and off at 55°F +/-3°, which is the tightest tolerance on any bilge heater on the market. Other heaters have a 5° tolerance in their thermostats, which can result in a inaccurate reading and inconsistent temperature control.

heater will not overheat

Failsafe Design cannot overheat. The temperature-limiting characteristics of our heating technology is dynamic and self regulating.  Other heaters have no way of limiting their temperature, should something go wrong.  Read more about how PTC works.

high efficiency

High Efficiency your wallet will appreciate.  Xtreme produces heat faster, circulates more air and shuts off earlier.  Less run-time, means less money out of your pocket.


Pre-wired 20ft marine rated power cord with 110V 3 prong plug eases installation.

quick release bracket

Quick Release Bracket works with all Xtreme heaters for easy removal and re-install of the heater. View more Quick Release Bracket information.

maximum life

Maximum Life – Every component has been selected with superior MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) ratings to enhance durability and reliability in the marine environment.

warranty 2 year

Full 2 Year Warranty and lifetime support for service Our heaters have proven so dependable, we’re increasing our warranty period to reflect our superior reliability

complete protection

Complete Protection: Fully anodized inside and out for superior protection from the harsh marine environment. While other heaters only have some parts protected, we anodize everything.

small footprint

Small Footprint: Makes installation easy in almost any size or type of boat, increases options for mounting in any boat, for better access in tight engine compartments.


Certified and Independently Tested to Meet:

» U.S. Coast Guard Ignition Protection Stds

» Transport Canada Ignition Protection Stds

» ABYC E-11

» SEA J1171

» ISO 8846


Read more on Testing & Certifications.

More Technical Information: