Installation and Care

Your Xtreme Heater can be installed permanently, or easily installed and removed for the winter, without tools, using our quick release bracket.


Our design takes advantage of true forced air, opening up a wider range of location options. The most compact heater of its kind, the Xtreme Heater can also be mounted in any orientation, including upside down. There simply isn’t another product available that offers the flexibility of an Xtreme Engine Compartment Heater.


Basic Installation Process:

1. The Xtreme Heater comes complete with mounting screws in the box.

2. Choose a location in your engine compartment (view our boat-type guide below for help)

3. Attach the heater with the screws provided.

4. Plug your heater into a properly wired, circuit protected outlet, or have a marine electrician wire your heater

to a dedicated circuit in your 110v distribution panel.


You can also view the Xtreme Heater Installation Manual for further information.


Select the type of boat you own for installation recommendations:


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» Ski/Wake/Watersports boats and runabouts to 24ft




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» Cruisers




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» Houseboats