Benefits and Advantages

Easy Installation

The Xtreme Heater is unique in that it is a smaller unit than others on the market, making the installation even easier.  Larger outdated heaters are restrictive as they can’t fit in preferred mounting locations.

xtreme heater installed vertically

Xtreme Heater installed vertically to suit the engine compartment size and layout


xtreme heater fits in any small space

The Xtreme Heater can fit in the best location to suit your boat engine compartment.

Flexible Mounting

The Xtreme Heater can be mounted at ANY angle (upside down, sideways, etc). Only Xtreme with its superior design can accomodate your engine compartment’s specific dimensions.


Our heating element is designed using the latest technology so it is smaller and more efficient than other products on the market.

Fast Acting

It begins running at operating temperature almost immediately after it powers on and cools in a very short period of time.

Increases Battery Life

The Xtreme Heater not only protects your motor, it will also help increase your battery life and provide more cold cranking power during the winter months.  Read more.