Quick Release Bracket

Installation & removal of your boat heater is now Fast and Easy

quick release bracket with xtreme heater

Driven by customer demand, our quick release bracket was designed specifically for your Xtreme heater, and allows you to easily install and remove your heater(s) in seconds, without the need for tools.

Using this bracket, your mounting options open up to include locations you may not have considered due to concern for blocked access to other components in your tight engine space.


bracket floorplan

For our customers that prefer to leave their heater(s) in place only during the winter months, this is the accessory you’ve been asking for.

The quick release bracket makes it simple to remove the heater for the boating season, leaving just the low-profile bracket installed and ready to go. When winter returns, just lock it down, and plug it in!

  • Built Xtreme Tough, anodized aluminum construction will not corrode
  • Provides easy off-season storage, for quick access to engine spaces
  • Works on ALL Xtreme Heaters built after 2004
  • Quickly Install and Remove your Heater Without Tools!
  • One Year Warranty



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quick realease open

Close-up of bracket latch – open
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quick realease closed

Close-up of bracket latch – closed

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quick realease closed

The Xtreme Heater shown drawn in position on the bracket

quick release small and large heater





The Xtreme Heater (Large) shown on the
Large Bracket with a small quick release
bracket to its right.