I have owned an Xtreme Heater for nearly 6 years now for my Tige 20V, and it’s extended our ski season by at least a month on either end. Having the peace of mind without needing to be winterized during those late fall and early spring nights when it gets down into the 20’s is awesome. There’s plenty of 70 degree days after the first few freezes that we would miss out on otherwise. It’s incredibly reassuring when you check the boat on a freezing cold night and see the warm red glow of your Xtreme Heater keeping the engine compartment nice and warm.


As fate would have it, while on a Thanksgiving-day cruise this year, my boat broke down for the first time since owning it. I had yet to get it running again, and of course some of the coldest weather of the year so far was on its way. I was unable to properly winterize since the boat wouldn’t start, but thanks to my Xteme Heater I knew I was covered. That first cold night I had some concerns about the operation of my heater, so I frantically called Xtreme to get some advice. To my surprise – Steve, the owner of the company, answered and was more than happy to help walk me through troubleshooting. He even followed up the next morning to make sure everything was working as expected. I don’t know of any other company who would go out of their way after hours to make sure a customer was happy and that their product was working properly. I absolutely recommend an Xtreme Heater for every responsible boat owner…I would probably have had to replace an engine by now without mine!

Charlotte, NC