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Efficient & Reliable Engine Compartment Heater For Your Boat


Xtreme Heaters – Engine Compartment Heater

Boating enthusiasts simply want to extend the boating season, even when it is freezing cold outside. This is often a challenge, considering that the weather may change unexpectedly. While it is possible that an early winter freeze may catch you off guard, there is also a chance that you may encounter a late spring freeze. Either of these can put your plans off track as freezing temperatures can cause extensive damage to the boat engine, parts and equipment. Moreover, there is a risk of battery drain as well. This is the last thing that you would want to happen because equipment fault or battery drain can result in expensive repair needs.  An effective and reliable engine compartment heater is just what you need to prevent freeze damage to the engine and other components in the engine compartments. The Xtreme Marine Engine Compartment Heater is the right solution that you can trust for protecting your boat’s engines and ensuring that it delivers top-notch performance irrespective of the freezing cold temperatures out there. No matter how low the temperature drops, you need not worry about your boat and can simply plan a boating trip with the right heater for keeping it up and running.


Dependable Freeze Protection & Peace Of Mind


With the Xtreme Marine Engine Compartment Heater, you can rest assured about dependable freeze protection for your boat. Our heaters are designed to outlast even the life of your boat. You can be sure that there will not be a need to follow the tedious winterization program every time there is a cold spell. All you need to do is invest in the safest, most efficient and reliable heaters and you can have all the peace of mind. Just plug in the heater for fully automatic and completely effective freeze protection for your boat engine. Whether it is about safety, efficiency or reliability, our Engine Compartment Heater excels at all these fronts. Each of the products is tested by IMANA Labs to make sure that it matches the ABYC and Coast Guard standards. Further, it is also tested against Military Specification ratings as well. This means that you can trust the Xtreme boat engine heaters just like the military does. The innovative Positive Temperature Coefficient technology makes it efficient to the core. Besides being self regulating, these heaters are much better than the resistant element heaters from the safety perspective. On the reliability front, each component of boat engine the heater is capable of performing exceptionally even in the harshest of marine environment.


Xtreme Heaters- Designed To Deliver!


The Xtreme boat engine heaters are designed to deliver, no matter how tough the weather gets on your boat. From being the foundation of the winterization strategy of your boat to extending your boating season even to the colder months of the year, there is much that the right Engine Compartment Heater can do.

Rather than taking chances with quick fix methods like household space heaters and light bulbs to keep the boat engine warm and performing, you should look for a specifically tailored boat engine heater. This is exactly what Xtreme Heater can do for you. Beyond just ensuring top-notch performance and safety, another key benefit of these heaters is that they are compact and flexible. This gives you the freedom to mount the heater in any orientation, horizontally, vertically or upside down. What’s more, you can install it in winter and remove it in the boating season, even without using any tools. Also, Xtreme Heaters come with a two year warranty, which means that you can just fit it and forget it. No need to worry about cold spells that come without a warning as these heaters give you a solution that you can trust. Just go ahead and buy just the right engine compartment heater for your boat if you want to enjoy a long and uninterrupted boating season this year!