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Additional Factors when Choosing your Boat Engine Heater:



Guide to the Right Heater for you

Choosing the right Xtreme heater, or heaters, for your vessel depends on a number of factors that are local and specific to the type of boat that you have. To select your heater, start with these general guidelines, and factor in what you know about your local weather conditions, where you store your boat and how much protection you are looking for. Some of our customers are looking to extend their season, while others would rather avoid winterizing altogether.


engine compartment size

Your engine compartment.

How big is it? What does it contain?

Volume of space to be heated

How big is your engine compartment? A typical width x height x depth calculation will give you a starting point. If your engine space is openly connected to other parts of your boat, rather than separated by bulkheads (walls) that space must also be considered as the heat generated by your Xtreme Heater will be shared with any connected spaces.  Use this handy compartment calculator to figure out the rough volume you are trying to protect.  While we make no specific recommendations based on volume, it’s a good starting point and consideration when choosing the right Xtreme Heater, as logically, larger areas will require higher heating capacity.


Amount of equipment being protected

What’s in your engine room? In smaller boats, most likely you are protecting a single engine and one or two batteries. On larger cruisers, multiple engines, a generator, plumbing systems, air conditioning and water heaters may form part of the equation. The more equipment there is to protect, and the more cluttered an engine space is, the more challenging it is to circulate the warm air produced by your Xtreme heater. In some cases, it is better to install two smaller heaters rather than a single large heater for this reason.



How cold does it get where your boat lives, and how long does it stay below freezing? Is your boat stored on land, on a lift, or in the water? How cold does the water get?



These guidelines for heater selection are intended to help you make an informed choice regarding the size, number and placement of your Xtreme Engine Compartment Heater(s). The infinite number of variables involved, including boat and engine compartment configuration, storage location, local weather conditions or extreme weather events make it impossible for us to make definitive recommendations for specific boats in specific locations. Our testimonials page is a great place to see boat and heater combinations that our customers have found effective.


Select the type of boat you own below for examples and recommendations:

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» Ski/Wake/Watersports boats and runabouts to 24ft

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» Cruisers

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» Houseboats

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» Center Console and other Outboard Powered Boats

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» Military, First Responders, Law Enforcement and Commercial boats